New publication: History of Mountain Home ~ only $5

POW, WWII Prisoner of War in Nazi Germany by  Art Isaac

Memoirs of a Bataan Death March Survivor by Bill Braye

The Accordion Man by Domingo Aguirre

Early Days at Tindall Idaho by Chet Tindall

Mountain Home Tried & True Cookbook

Buckaroo Bill Tate, A Memoir 1859-1953, by William King Tate

The Diary of Jules De Foe

Reflections at Syrup Creek, Vol. I and II

Conversations with History

First Thursday Luncheon's are held the first Thursday of the month and hosts local guest speakers from the community to talk about what life was like for them growing up, living and working in the area. The conversations are recorded and transcribed into books titled "Conversations with History" and are available for sale. It is important for future generations to know the stories of the people who helped shape Idaho.

Other publications available:

Volumn I    featuring guest speakers:Arson Alzola, Maurine Balfour, John Bideganeta, Osborne Casey, Carol Colthorp Olds & Clayton Colthorp, Walt & Karen Ford, Marge Nixon Garner, Ralph Groefsema, Elva Guisasola, Tom Hall, Frank Hicks, Glenna Hoagland.
Volumn II   featuring guest speakers: Arlee Lemmon, Carleen Lord, Elaine McCalley, Patti Kencke McGrath, Lyle Powell, Bob Rowett, Mae Sanders, Sher Sellman, John Shrum, Gloria Swails, Earl & Joan Swearingen, Chet & Jessie Tindall, Bill Truba.
Volumn III   featuring guest speakers: Domingo Aguirre, Alvin Baker, John Barrutia, Barb Cristobal, Carol Dalton, Diana DeMeyer, Ester Fisher, Vern Gillespie, Joanne Leydet Johnson, Leo Miller, Carol Mellen Mooney, Lucille Pearce, Lucille Wilson, Dean York.
Volumn IV   featuring guest speakers: Don & Donna Carnahan, Arda Daniel, Norma Dart, Ken Everett, Phil Gridley, John Hiler, Calvin Ireland, Frank Markham, Dolores Echeverria Robison, Barbara Thompson, Johnny A. Willis, Ramona Yrazabal.
Volumn V   featuring guest speakers: Jim Alexander, Paul Anderson, LauraLee Gust Biggs, William Black, Burr Kennedy, Jack Thompson, Wanda Ottenheimer Corbus, Bill Day, Yvonne Dellamore, Perce Hall, Jim Hines, Rex Kite, Susan Evans Oberst, Bob Rhead, Leanna Whitney.
Volumn VI   featuring guest speakers: David Ascuena, Richard Bennett, Priscilla Cook, Connie Cruser, David Evans, Alice Elaine Fletcher Hicks, Ron Hiddleston, Larry Mashburn, Mildred McNeal, Dorothy Powell, Bud Smith.